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Bid Number: 21-012
Bid Title: Pavement Marking
Category: Construction and Design Services
Status: Closed



The purpose of this project is to facilitate the safe mobility of all users throughout the City of Montrose through the effective implementation of pavement markings. This includes centerlines, edge lines, bike lanes, turn arrows, stop bars, crosswalks, on and off street parking.

1.03        SCOPE OF WORK

Contractor will provide labor, mobilization, appropriate materials, methods, assemblies, products and systems to construct the work according to the contract documents.

The work is to provide continuous road painting of the centerlines, edge line, and bike lanes within the City limits.

The first time painting in the spring will consist of approximately 650,000 feet of yellow and white lines combined.

The contractor is to provide all cleaning of areas before painting. The long lines shall be cleaned with a mechanical broom.

Re-paint crosswalks and stop bars once in the spring and once in the fall throughout the City. Unless otherwise specified to match existing, typical pavement markings shall conform to the shapes and sizes as shown on CDOT Standard Plan S-627-1 with the exception of bicycle symbols. Bicycle symbols shall conform to the MUTCD Part 9 Figure 9C-3.


 Sweep and re-strip all public parking lots on the following list:

  1. Lot between Selig and Rio Grande on N 1st
  2. Lot between Townsend and Selig on N.1st – the West half (Auto Zone)
  3. Lot at Corner of N.2nd and Cascade
  4. City Hall - East side of Centennial plaza
  5. Elks Civic Building
  6. River Bottom Park (Baldridge) lot and the Ute Baseball field parking
  7. Rotary park lot
  8. Altrusa Park Parking Areas

Parking lots done on an as-need basis (as directed by City staff):

  1. Public works building
  2. Pavilion parking
  3. Cerise lot

The City and the contractor will determine which streets if any need repainted before winter.

The contractor will provide all traffic control according to the MUTCD.

The contractor will be on call for replacement painting during the summer for construction projects with a 48-hour response time when notified.

Publication Date/Time:
3/1/2021 8:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
3/16/2021 2:00 PM
Submittal Information:
See attached RFP
Bid Opening Information:
Pre-bid Meeting:
Contact Person:
Jackie Bubenik II
Download Available:
The contractor shall provide evidence of the successful completion of five (5) contracts in similar size and scope within the past three (3) years.

Special Requirements:

Pavement Marking with Waterborne and Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Solvent Base Paint:
The contractor shall use a paint that is equal to or greater than Federal Specifications TT-P-1952d Type II. Striping shall be applied when the air and pavement temperatures are no less than 45 °F for waterborne and high-build paint, and 35°F for low temperature waterborne paint on asphalt or portland cement concrete pavements. The pavement surface shall be dry and clean, and free of all latent materials, in accordance with manufacturer recommendations. Weather conditions shall be conducive to satisfactory results.

The paint must have reflectivity to meet highway standards. Minimum of 5 lbs 3 oz. of glass beads per 100 sq. ft. for regular thickness paint. Minimum of 6 lbs 5 oz., of glass beads per 100 sq. ft. for high build paint. Glass beads for traffic paint shall meet or exceed the requirements of Federal Specification TT-B-1325D and conform to AASHTO M 247, Type 1 or Type 2, non-flotation grade.

The City will determine the usage of high build paint or regular thickness paint.

Stripes shall be protected until dry. Stripes which have been marred or picked up by traffic before they have dried shall be repaired at the contractor’s expense. Removal of paint from vehicle’s that crossed wet paint shall be at the contractor’s expense.

Performed Plastic Pavement Marking:
Performed plastic pavement marking shall conform to ASTM D 4505 Class 2 or 3. This retroreflective preformed plastic strip shall be suitable for application on asphaltic or portland cement concrete pavement.
The material shall be supplied at a minimum thickness of 125 mils.
If recommended by the manufacturer, an epoxy resin primer shall be applied to all pavement surfaces prior to the application of the preformed plastic pavement marking.
The air temperature during installation shall be at least 40 °F.
The marking strip as applied shall be in good appearance, free of cracks and the edges shall be true and straight.
The preformed plastic pavement marking shall be inlaid on new and existing pavements. The material shall be capable of use for patching worn areas of the same type according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


Pavement Marking with Waterborne and Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Solvent Base Paint:
Equipment shall have a bead dispenser directly behind the paint applicator, synchronized with the paint applicator and shall be capable of painting a clean-edge stripe of the designated width +or- ¼ inch with no overspray on the road surface. For centerline and lane lines, each applicator shall have an individual control and automated skip control. Machines having multiple applicators shall be used for center lines with “no passing zones”. The equipment may be equipped with a heat exchange to heat the paint to reduce drying time. In areas where machines are not practical, suitable hand- operated equipment shall be used as directed by the Street Superintendent.

Performed Plastic Pavement Marking:

The grooved width for inlaid preformed plastic pavement marking shall be the pavement marking width plus 1 inch, with a tolerance of ± ¼ inch. The depth of the grooves shall be 130 mils ± 5 mils. Groove position shall be a minimum of 2 inches from the edge of the pavement marking to the longitudinal pavement joint unless approved otherwise. For non-rectangular shaped symbols and words, suitable hand-operated equipment shall be used as directed by the Street Superintendent.
The bottom of the groove shall have a smooth, flat finished surface. The spacers between blade cuts shall be such that there will be less than a 10 mil rise in the finished groove between the blades.
Grooves shall be clean, dry and free of laitance, oil, dirt, grease, paint or other foreign contaminants. The Contractor shall prevent traffic from traversing the grooves, and re-clean grooves, as necessary, prior to application of the preformed plastic pavement markings.

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