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  2. Public Comment Form

    Thank you for submitting a public comment for consideration by the Montrose City Council. 

    Please note that comments are for non-agenda items only.

    Written comments submitted by noon on the day of the regular City Council meeting will be compiled, posted via a link on the Public Portal, and included in the meeting packet. These comments will not be read aloud during the meeting. City Council may or may not respond to written comments received.

  3. Comments should pertain to matters of at least general importance to the city organization and its operations. Please be aware that neither City Council nor city staff are expected to engage in discussion or debate. However, the city may respond when appropriate at a later time.

    Personal attacks, personnel and employment matters, the use of profanity or ethnic, racial or gender-oriented slurs are prohibited, as is any “disorderly conduct” which violates state or local law.  See, City of Montrose Regulations (Sec. 7-14-1, et seq.). 

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