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Montrose Bucks Business Registration

  1. Montrose Bucks Card Graphic
  2. Thank you for accepting our invitation to add your business to the list of those that accept Montrose Bucks Gift Cards!

    Please complete this form so that a member of the Office of Business and Tourism team can follow up with you to complete the registration process.
  3. Benefits of Accepting Montrose Bucks:
    • This is a zero-cost program to your business! The City of Montrose covers all charges for the program
    • Utilizes your current credit card processing software**
    • Drives more visitors to your business
    • Upon accepting Montrose Bucks as a payment method for your business, you’ll be listed on the Montrose Bucks information page, on handouts showing Montrose Bucks recipients, and will be given a sticker for your storefront showing that you participate!
    • You don’t have to sell the gift cards! Montrose Bucks are purchased exclusively at the Montrose Visitor Center (107 S Cascade Ave)
                    **Must comply with the gift card. Please tell us which software you have below so that we can verify eligibility for you.
  4. Please provide the name of the processing system that you use (e.g. Square).
  5. I have the capability to swipe credit, debit, and gift cards currently.*
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