Public Works

General Contact Info:

Phone: 970.240.1480    Email:

Adjustments in Operations:

Public Works Shop offices are closed to public access. Water, sewer, trash and recycling services continue to operate normally.

  • Please interact via phone and email as much as possible

  • Green waste is temporarily located at North Park and the bypass

  • Public works is not currently accepting TVs, refrigerators, tires, or metal


Contact: John Cain - Phone: 936-402-2024,    Email: 

Adjustments in Operations:

Street maintenance staff will work from home via an "on-call" routine. They will respond to urgent projects such as major patches and street repairs, or large potholes that are deemed to be a public safety hazard. 

Residents are asked to submit Public Works requests via the "A Better Montrose" app or via the online request portal. Please visit the "A Better Montrose" web page for details.

Trash and Recycling 

Contact: Abel Velarde - Phone: 970.275.5008  Email:

Adjustments in Operations:

Trash and collection schedules will remain unchanged until further notice.

The Public Works drop-off for recyclable materials is closed, however, the city is operating a green waste collection site at the southwest corner of the San Juan/Park Avenue intersection, Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Hours and availability are subject to change. Staff members may be assigned on a very limited and individual basis at the direction of the Public Works manager to maintain cleanliness and safety of the site.

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