Building Official: Archie Byers, Chief Building Official, Phone: 970.240.1437   Email:

Building Permits: Sharon Dunning, Phone: 970.240.1476  Email:

Adjustments in Operations: 

The City’s top priority throughout this pandemic remains the safety and well-being of our community and contractors while safely maintaining as much economic activity as possible. The City is available to inspect and support your projects as long as we can all do so safely. 

Building permit applications are being accepted by email only and construction document submittals will need to be in “pdf” format. Please send emails to  and copy 

Payments can be made by check by using the city drive-thru payment drop box located in the first lane of the Centennial plaza parking lot by the public restrooms or mailed to: City of Montrose, P.O. Box 790, Montrose, CO 81402. Once the payment is received, we will email a copy of the building permit and receipt.

What construction projects may occur in the City of Montrose right now? 

For the safety of our community, we request that if a construction project is not creating a new residential or commercial unit, and is not immediately critical for health or safety reasons, please wait and do not perform that work right now. We recognize that a decrease in construction projects puts an immense strain on our economy and your livelihoods, and we are making this request because the health of our community is at stake. While there is no clear line between what construction is critical and what is not, our general process will be to allow: 

  • Continuation of already-started permits for new residential units and commercial units  

  • Continuation of already-started permits on the interior of an occupied building when the work is needed for health or safety reasons 

  • Permits for new residential units and new commercial units 

  • Permits for work on the exterior of a building 

  • Permits for work on the interior of an occupied building when the work is needed for health or safety reasons 

How do I apply for a new Building Permit?  

To submit a new Building Permit application, please contact Sharon Dunning at or 970.240.1476. We are accepting and reviewing electronic submittals, and think you will like our streamlined process. 

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