Animal Shelter

Contact Info: 970.240.1450 

Animal Shelter email:
Animal Control email: 

Adjustments in Operations: 

The Animal Shelter will remain closed to the public and no adoptions will be offered until further notice. Shelter staff will continue to work as individuals to care for the animals and to maintain sanitary conditions at the shelter.  No disruption will occur related to “care of the animals”.

Animal control officers will only respond to high priority/emergency calls, which include law enforcement assistance, injured, sick or stray animals, cruelty and neglect complaints, bite complaints, and dangerous and aggressive dog complaints.

Until further notice, the following services will be altered:

  • The shelter is closed to the public

  • The shelter will not be accessible for visitation, adoption, owner surrenders, or volunteer signup

  • Stray animals picked up and brought to the Animal Shelter by the public or pet owners who need to reclaim their animals need to call 970.240.1450 and a staff member will assist on a case-by-case basis.

Please be vigilant about keeping animals contained and do not bring animals into public places. 

Stray animals picked up and brought to the Animal Shelter by the public and pet owners needing to reclaim their animals need to call 970.240.1450 for staff member assistance.

Please do not pick up stray animals, if possible, during this closure due to the limited amount of dog kennel and cat cage space available at the Animal Shelter.

The City of Montrose Animal Shelter is working with neighboring animal welfare agencies to help each other deal with recent issues related to COVID-19. We are participating in weekly teleconferences with 13 other neighboring agencies including Second Chance Humane in Ridgway, Delta Animal Control, and Mesa County Animal Services. We are sharing ideas and resources (virtual) to help with issues as they  arise. The coalition, Western Colorado Animal Resources (WeCARe), is a network of animal welfare agencies that have worked together for the past 12 years sharing resources, providing the best care, and finding quality homes for pets. The Animal Shelter is also following state and national animal care and control COVID-19 guidelines as we receive updates. The safety of our staff and the animals that we are caring for are our top priorities.

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