Am I required to license my pets in the City of Montrose?
Yes.  City of Montrose dog licenses are available at the Animal Shelter, the Montrose Police Department and from local veterinarians, including:

Alta Vista Animal Hospital - 249-8185

Montrose Veterinary Clinic - 249-5469

Morning Star Veterinary Clinic - 249-8022

San Juan Veterinary Clinic - 249-4490

Pat Shank Veterinary Clinic - 249-4241

The cost to purchase a license is $15 for intact dogs, $5 for spayed / neutered dogs.  Rabies vaccinations are required for dogs and cats, however there is no provision for licensing cats. More details about City of Montrose dog licensing policies can be found in the Animal Control Regulations (Chapter 6-2, City of Montrose Municipal Code.

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