Who should register with the emergency notification system?

All wireless and VoIP phone subscribers in the Montrose area who wish to receive emergency notifications via these types of phones. Subscribers' registered wireless and VoIP information will not affect their wireline phones that are already in the system. Notifications will be sent based on the physical address provided during registration, not based on the current location of the phone.

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1. Who should register with the emergency notification system?
2. Will my information be sold or distributed?
3. When will I receive phone calls?
4. How do I update my information if I move?
5. Can I add my wireline telephone number?
6. Can I enter my telephone number more than once at different physical addresses?
7. Do I have to enter an actual physical address?
8. Will I be solicited in any way at the phone number that I enter?
9. If my location is different from the physical address registered with my wireless or VoIP phone, will I still be contacted if an emergency notification area includes my registered address?