What is a Special Improvement District (SID)?

Special Improvement Districts (SID) are sometimes formed to fund the construction of roads, sidewalks, sewer lines, and other public improvements. Since the 1970s, more than 40 SIDs of various kinds have been successfully implemented by the city. The most recent SID (2008) was formed for constructing a new section of Niagara Road east of 6700 Road. At the completion of the improvement project, costs are assessed to each SID participant. Many property owners are obligated to participate in future SIDs as stipulated in agreements made with the city at the time that their subdivision was approved. SID obligations are often stated on subdivision plats. Individuals who are contemplating a real estate purchase should inquire about SIDs and other commitments that may be associated with a particular property. Provisions for SIDs or local improvement districts are outlined in Section 1-19 of the Municipal Code.

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