Who is responsible for clean-up?

Clean up at the Montrose Rotary Amphitheater is very simple: remove all items that were brought onto the site, and leave the facility as clean, or cleaner, than you found it. This includes removal of all props, equipment, fencing, and portable toilets. All litter resulting from your event in the building, on the grounds, and in the vendor area must be picked up and placed in trash receptacles. The City will provide garbage cans and recycle containers as part of the reservation process.

All clean-up should be completed within the allotted reservation time frame. If not, an hourly fee of $100.00 per hour will be billed and the deposit on file will be retained.

The Montrose Rotary Amphitheater building is a smoke-free facility. Any cleaning costs resulting from violation of this policy will be the responsibility of the event organizer.

The user will be notified of any damages to the facility resulting from their event within 72 hours of event end time.

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