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Posted on: January 3, 2024

Blog: CITY COUNCIL WORK SESSION: Monday, January 2, 2024

Montrose, CO — City Councilors met for a work session Monday morning, January 2, to review a number of proposals, contract wards, and scheduled 2024 expenditures. 

Mayor Barbara Bynum and councilors Dave Frank, Doug Glaspell, David Reed, and Ed Ulibarri met in the City Council Chambers at the Elks Civic Building along with city staff.

The following is a summary of the primary topics discussed during the meeting. 

Watch the meeting here.


City Councilors were presented with a kitchen build-out proposal to pay for kitchen equipment for the 1910 Market and Restaurant set to open on Main Street. 

Anthony Russo of the City of Montrose's Business Development team said the projected contribution from the city would total $160,195, and would only be used for essential kitchen equipment. 

For the funds to be approved, the council would need to formally vote at a future council meeting. 


City Councilors were presented with a proposal to help mitigate asbestos found in the old Daily Bread building and make way for a new full-service restaurant and bar.  

Anthony Russo said the estimated cost to remove asbestos from the building is approximately $98,376.

Once the work is complete, efforts to create a new restaurant and bar within the old Daily Bread space will begin. 


City Councilors were presented with a proposed contract award that would authorize $424,137 in expenditures for the construction of the Colorado Outdoors Flex Park. This includes the award of a construction contract to Skip Huston Construction for $399,937 and a survey and engineering support contract to Del-Mont Consultants for $24,200.

City Engineer Scott Murphy said the master plan for Colorado Outdoors (located immediately west of the Justice Center on Grand Avenue) has envisioned the construction of a small neighborhood park at some point in the course of its

development. Within Colorado Outdoors, construction of the Uncompahgre Riverway Trail, associated public restroom, Bright Beginnings childcare facility, and the Montrose Recreation District’s (MRD) Flex Rec facility have helped to drive the need for construction of the park in 2024.

To that end, the city applied for and secured a $350,000 grant from the Colorado Health Foundation to help fund the construction of the park. Following the award of this grant, the city moved forward with the design of the park. The park is to be situated immediately adjacent to the four facilities mentioned above. 

The park’s design is relatively simple due to budget constraints but has been designed to allow for items such as play boulders, gazebos, and picnic structures to be added at a later date.

The park is to be constructed on a parcel of land being donated to the City of Montrose by the developers of Colorado Outdoors. This donation has been secured through a memorandum of agreement and has an appraised value of $350,000. Once donation documents are finalized, this will also come before City Council around March 2024.

It should be noted that the city has also been working to secure the Morada cultural resource site near North 9th Street within Colorado Outdoors. The purchase of the land and formal preservation of this site are being implemented as separate, standalone projects within the city’s 2024 budget.


City Councilors were presented with a proposal to replace the facade on City Hall, located at 400 East Main Street, with a more modern look that will also upgrade the building that was built in the 1970s. 

Public Works Director Jim Scheid said the city awarded a contract to Blythe Group in June of 2023 for completion of the façade design for City Hall. Previously, Blythe Group completed the design for the interior renovation of City Hall and staff began operating in the facility in February 2023.


City Councilors were presented with a proposed contract award that would authorize $2,837,467 for the construction of the façade replacement project on City Hall. This would include a contract amendment with FCI Constructors for the services of a Construction Manager General Contractor (CMGC) in the amount of $2,424,228.

Public Works Director Jim Scheid said the city has worked with FCI Constructors on two phases of interior remodeling of the new City Hall. These two phases are complete, and the facility is currently being utilized by city staff. To continue the renovation project, the city issued an RFQ/P in June 2023 for a CMGC to complete the façade replacement of the facility, also known as Phase 3. The city received two qualification proposals, one from FCI Constructors, Inc. of Grand Junction and another from Stryker and Co. of Montrose.

The two firms were invited to participate in an interview with the city’s selection committee, which included Blythe Group as the architect and Dynamic Program Management as the owner’s representative on the project. The teams presenting were asked to prepare a mock-up model of the interior. FCI Constructors, Inc. was chosen by the selection committee.

FCI has worked closely with the design team since they were selected and has provided valuable input to the design and budget processes. The design has progressed well and is now at a stage where a cost estimate can be performed with enough confidence to use as the basis for a Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) amendment of $2,424,228 to FCI’s existing CMGC contract. 

If the proposed amendment is awarded, FCI will begin procuring the long-lead items for the project, such as windows and some of the stone, making it important to get contracts in place. FCI has been working with city staff to develop a plan for maintaining City Hall operations during this large-scale façade replacement project. It is anticipated that the demo of the sidewalk and façade will begin in May 2024.

Scheid said it is also anticipated that some of the City Hall staff will be relocated to other facilities during the construction project to allow for better access to the public. 

Contract Administration and Project Financials 

The total cost of the contract amendment to FCI, the owner expenses, and the owner’s contingency is less than the amounts budgeted for this project. 


City Councilors were presented with a proposal that would grant Rathbone PropCo LLC a utility easement and access easement along the western property line of the former City Hall property located at 433 South First Street.

Public Works Director Jim Scheid said the owners of the Rathbone Hotel have requested a sewer service and access easement on the eastern side of the hotel property that is located on the corner of S. 1st St and Cascade Ave. The property to the east of the hotel is city-owned and is part of the parcel that was the former City Hall. The area included in the proposed easement has been used for parking and there are other city-owned utilities in this area that would make it an unlikely location for future building expansion or other structures. This area is expected to be used for parking/alley access in the future.

Due to the dense infill of parcels, access to sewer mainlines in the downtown area can be complicated and may require easements to gain access from properties to a main sewer line. This is the case with the Rathbone Hotel property. Without the proposed easement, other sewer line alignments would be more complex and problematic. The resulting realignment of the sewer line would also correct an issue with an old sewer line underneath a foundation on the neighboring property. The proposed access easement is for the addition of an ADA-accessible ingress/egress to the back of the building. For architectural reasons, the back of the building is the most suitable location for this access point.

Approval of the easement would require a formal vote on a city ordinance. 


City Councilors were presented with a proposal to approve year two of the Street Light Upgrade Project, in partnership with the Delta Montrose Electric Association, for an amount of $120,000. 

Public Works Director Jim Scheid said the City of Montrose currently has approximately 1900 streetlights on a variety of street types and most of these fixtures are of the High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) or Mercury Vapor (MV) fixture type. These fixtures were originally installed in the 1950s and 1960s and had been the primary fixture type for street lighting until 2010 when LED fixtures were introduced to the market. Over the last ten years, failing HPS or MV fixtures have been replaced with Light-emitting Diode (LED) fixtures.

The City of Montrose began the Street Light Upgrade Project in 2023 in partnership with DMEA. This successful first year has led to the replacement of over 400 streetlights with energy-efficient LEDs, resulting in an impressive electricity savings of $4,000 per month and approximately $50,000 annually. Based on this success, staff is proposing to continue this project into its second year.

Project Details:

  • 2023 scope completed: over 400 lights changed to LEDs; $50,000 yearly savings.
  • 2024 plan: Increase project budget to $120,000 anticipating cost increases on fixtures.
  • DMEA Partnership: Continued collaboration with DMEA, a valuable partner in this initiative.

This project is intended to continue over the next two years (four years total) to complete the upgrade of all of the HPS and MV fixtures. The continuation of this project will depend on funding available for future budget years. This project was included in the 2024 Streets Division budget.


City Councilors were presented with a proposal to approve vehicle and equipment purchases for the following city divisions in the total amount of $2,087,432.

The purchases include:

  1. Public Works Shared Side Dump Semi-Trailer
  2. Public Works/Parks Ventrac Mower/Plow
  3. Public Works/Streets Loader and Backhoe
  4. Public Works/Trash and Recycle 2 Refuse Trucks
  5. Public Works/Streets Street Sweeper
  6. Black Canyon Golf Course Golf Rough Mower
  7. Police Department/Patrol and Admin Vehicles
  8. City Hall Civic Campus Ford Escape
  9. General Fleet Vehicle
  10. Public Works Bucket Truck

City fleet assets are maintained following a comprehensive schedule throughout the year. In addition to routine maintenance tasks such as oil changes, brake replacements, and tire rotations, city fleet mechanics complete unscheduled repairs such as diagnostic troubleshooting, component replacement, and welding repairs. 

The Fleet Division uses a fleet management software tool known as FASTER to determine optimal replacement schedules for each fleet asset. FASTER uses initial cost, mileage, maintenance costs, salvage value, and other factors to recommend the replacement of an asset. The Fleet Division considers other factors such as utilization rate, budget, and the availability of underutilized assets as well as the FASTER result, to ultimately schedule asset replacements. The fleet asset replacements and additions listed above have been budgeted for 2024.


City Councilors were presented with an annual annexation report and 3-mile plan for the City of Montrose in 2024. 

Planning Manager Jace Hochwalt said that Colorado statutes require the city to adopt and file an annual plan that contains written policies and maps to illustrate annexation priorities, eligible enclave annexations, existing city limits, growth areas, and transportation routes. The proposed plan will fulfill the statutory requirement to have a “plan in place” for the annexation of new properties in 2024. 


The council heard an update to the city’s snow removal operations and an update of the city’s website. To see the new snow removal website, visit here.


All City Council meetings are recorded and made available online via the city’s website and cable channels 191 for Charter subscribers and 970 for Elevate subscribers. Replays of council meetings are also broadcast at 6 p.m. on the same channels on days that the council is not in session. 

In addition, each regular meeting is archived on the City of Montrose’s YouTube channel. 

Residents can watch all regular City Council meetings and work sessions live and on-demand through the city’s Public Meetings Portal.

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