Block 93 Alley Project

Block 93 Alley Project Conceptual Rendering 2The Block 93 Alley Project has the goal of transforming the alley, located in the block on the northeast corner of the Main Street and Townsend intersection, into a welcoming community amenity that could also activate the alley as a commercial/retail space. 

Alleyways, originally designed to be utilitarian, hold the hidden potential to contribute to the walkability and vitality of downtown and become some of the most interesting spaces in the core of our community.

The Block 93 Alley Project looks to incorporate street lights, special paving, furnishings, planters, sculpture, murals, and other design elements to make the area feel safe and inviting. 

The city's consultant on the project, DHM Design, has developed a master plan that catalogs key design features proposed for Block 93 based on discussions with the city. The intent of the plan is to deliver a vision document that presents design strategies that can make the alley a vibrant destination for locals and tourists alike. Designs contained in the master plan are preliminary concepts. Final design features have not been decided. 

Download the Block 93 Alley Project Master Plan and Conceptual Design Illustrations