Merri D. Brennecke

Merri BrenneckeMy name is Merri Brennecke and I am seeking my term as your City Councilman. I have dedicated roots to Montrose and have been married for 37 years to Heinie Brennecke, who was born and raised here. I am a registered nurse, with over 20 years of caring for the community, and will have my Masters in Nursing Administration May 2020. My nursing career has taught me that everyone has a story, and everyone deserves a voice. I want to be a voice for the people of Montrose. I have not owned a business but with the many changes that have taken place with healthcare today, I have learned to teach others about the importance of efficiency and appropriate allocation of resources. 

Through the years I have learned the importance of individual people making a difference in their community. I appreciate the value of conviction and compromise. In local politics it is important to keep ones’ values even when the opposition paints a different picture. To assist in cohesiveness organizations must be able to partner together for the best of the city and the community as a whole. Montrose is my home and I want to be an active participant in its future.