Charli Oswald

Charli Oswald

Charli moved to Montrose in 2015 from the front range, and immediately became involved in the community. Her appreciation for the quality of life, that so many move here for, was the inspiration for becoming more involved. Since re-locating she has become a graduate from the Montrose U Leadership Program, served the last four years on the Board of the Otter Pond Homeowners Association, and participated in other local organizations and charities. With the designation of Montrose as an Opportunity Zone she has been actively seeking ways to utilize this tax reform incentive as a means to attract investment in the downtown area.

Raised on a cattle and horse ranch, Charli started her career as a freelance court reporter and later became a legal secretary. After marrying a fellow court reporter she changed professions and became COO of an asset management company, overseeing 50 employees in a fast-paced environment of providing property values for lending institution portfolios. She also has over 35 years of diverse residential and commercial real estate experience having sold, managed and developed personal property.

In conjunction with her professional experience Charli has over 35 years of actively helping national, state and community leaders address issues of public concern, which involved meeting and working with organizations and individuals from around the state in numerous capacities.

Charli’s experience will bring an understanding of country roots and modern real estate development. She believes Montrose is unique and special and seeks to nurture the factors that create a healthy, thriving community.

Charli is a mother and grandmother with family in Ridgway and Ouray. She is a graduate from Legal Arts of Arizona, the Leadership Program of the Rockies, Montrose U Leadership Program, and is a former licensed Colorado Real Estate Agent.