William H. Bennett

William BennettBorn in New Jersey. BA in History with a minor in Accounting and Business Finance. By the time I graduated I had paid for my degree with a position as lead lighting tech for the college. My finance courses peaked my interest in the stock market. I was invested and have been ever since. Upon graduation I entered the U.S. Marine Corps and ’enjoyed’ three overseas tours. I moved from infantry to artillery and into Logistics. Served with the Army, Navy and on independent duty. Lived in Virginia, Oklahoma, California, Okinawa, Vietnam, Albany NY and D.C. During my last four years as a logistician I supervised the operation of a $10 million and oversaw the maintenance management of over 500 pieces of rolling stock and heavy equipment. 

With the Navy I often coordinated the loading and offloading into combat the Marines and equipment embarked in eight ships. 

Upon leaving the Corps I became an ’air-to-ground missile’ engineer with a Navy contractor. I was a part time realtor. I, and two others, formed a home improvement company. We employed nine persons each summer. After five years we closed this small business when the three organizers moved from the area. In my spare time I completed fifty semester hours in accounting and law with the University of Virginia 

We left Virginia for Idaho where we bought and operated (small business) a horse stable, boarding, breeding and training facility. While there I worked---part time---as a POST qualified, sworn enforcement officer for the Outfitters and Guides Licensing Board. We sold the farm and most of the stock and moved to Montrose. 

My stock market experience paid off as I became CEO, consecutively, of two closely held private investment firms. 

For five years after arriving in Montrose we operated a warehousing facility, shipping and receiving, for my daughter’s business. At the end of those five years I moved the inventory to a fulfillment center in Kansas. Montrose served as a good start for her business but the expense of moving merchandise in and out of Montrose was exorbitant and warehousing also was too expensive. After our faithful steeds died we raised cattle. 

We now live in town, district IV, and enjoy our in-town home. Since becoming "townies", we sold our ’ranchito’ and downsized. It was time to redirect our energies toward giving back to our community once again by engaging in civic endeavors. Janet volunteers at the hospital and our church. I volunteered and served nearly five years on the Board of Directors to the Montrose Memorial Hospital where I had the pleasure of working with many splendid dedicated fellow citizens, civic leaders and over 500 employees. The Board provided oversight to a roughly $118,000,000 per year service oriented business (truly ’Friends and family serving friends and family"). We both hope that this latest endeavor will bring us closer to the community and the community closer to us. 

Wherever you have read an "I" in this biography please realize that my wife and I have worked most of these endeavors together and we have supported each other’s efforts throughout life. Live is seldom a singular endeavor.