Parklets are an affordable and fast way to create a sense of place, provide a better experience for your customers, and expand your capacity. Additionally, they make for a more vibrant and welcoming downtown. 

Design Requirements

  • Parklets are currently allowed only within the DDA Boundary
  • Speed limit of the street must be 25mph or less
  • A parklet may not be placed in front of a fire hydrant
  • The parklet may not obstruct the flow of street drainage
  • Parallel parking spaces:
    • Bumpers are required at each end of the parklet, so that if a vehicle touches the bumper it will warn the driver (city can help procure these items)
  • Maximum width: 8 feet
  • Diagonal parking spaces:
    • Parklet maximum dimensions: 8’X19’
  • Maximum height of opaque elements: 42” above sidewalk level
  • Reflective elements are required at all corners of the parklet (city can help procure these items)
DART Parklet


The following requirements for all parklets in the City of Montrose:
  • A Right of Way Use Permit is required (we can help with this!)
  • Each parklet permit is valid for the remainder of the calendar year. Time extensions will require filing a new permit request.
  • Written summary or sketch of desired parklet location
  • Properties within 75 feet must be notified
  • If any opposition arises by property owners within 75 feet of the proposal, the City of Montrose Planning Services department will review and approve / disapprove accordingly.
  • Evidence of liability insurance for remainder of calendar year
  • ($1,000,000)
  • Parklets are on public property and, as such, shall be open to the public.

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