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COMP PLAN BRANDThe City of Montrose is undertaking a community engagement process to develop the City of Montrose Comprehensive Plan (Plan). The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to establish a community vision, set goals, and identify opportunities for growth and development with a 20-year vision and 10-year focus. The Plan serves as the City’s official guide for local decision-making on long-range planning, land use, development, policy, and capital improvements.

About the Plan

The community engagement process provides an opportunity to re-evaluate the community’s vision, goals and priorities and address current conditions and needs.

The City of Montrose adopted its first Master Plan in 1961, then 1978, 1998, and 2008,with map updates in 2012 and 2016. Municipalities typically update comprehensive plans every ten years.

What is included in a Comprehensive Plan? 

A Comprehensive Plan is developed with the assistance of community input. It provides a background of existing conditions, describes the vision, goals and objectives of the community, and includes an implementation plan. The City of Montrose Comprehensive Plan will include the following topics as well as an Implementation Plan:
Comprehensive Plan Topics -1
Comprehensive Plan Topics -2

How is the Plan Developed and Approved?

The Comprehensive Plan is developed through community meetings, online surveys, stakeholder interviews, and community workshops. City staff will conduct the Comprehensive Plan process with active involvement from the Montrose City Council, Planning Commission, and a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee. The City Council will review and adopt the final plan, and will provide guidance to City staff regarding the public outreach process.

Project Timeline

Interactive Map

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Get Involved!

Public involvement is critical in the Comprehensive Plan process. Please join us!

Public participation helps ensure that the final Plan reflects the community’s vision, goals, and priorities for the future. The City will provide numerous opportunities for public engagement throughout the project and will announce them on this website and through social media, news releases, mailings, radio, and television.

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