Riverwood Water Distribution System

Project Timeline

  • Design, Procurement, and Permitting: Completed December 2018
  • Project Award: February 2019
  • Construction: April to August 2019

Project Team

  • Project Designer: City of Montrose 
  • Construction Contractor: Williams Construction (Norwood, CO)

Project Costs

  • Design: $10k
  • Construction: $415k (anticipated)
Riverwood Project Area

Project Overview

Riverwood Subdivision is a 35-lot residential neighborhood located off of Marine Road. The neighborhood was created under Montrose County subdivision regulations in 1978 and has remained in the county's jurisdiction ever since. Although the subdivision is not located within the City of Montrose city limits, it is located within the outermost extents of the city's water service area.  

Potable water for residences within the Riverwood Subdivision is currently supplied by a common groundwater well situated on a property immediately adjacent to the subdivision.  The lot and well are owned and operated by an out-of-state third party. Many Riverwood residents have complained of poor water quality and reliability associated with this current well system. Most indicate they are unable to use their water for drinking, cooking, or even bathing purposes. 

In response to these water-quality issues, the neighborhood has asked to change over to the city’s water distribution network located approximately 600 feet south of the neighborhood. Based on discussions at a City Council work session on August 6, 2018, the city was in general agreement to allow for this changeover if at least 75% of the affected users (27 of the 35 lots) would sign repayment agreements to cover the waterline extension costs.  

Working on behalf of the neighborhood, J. David Reed’s law office (Montrose, CO) pursued execution of the Utility Extension Repayment Agreements. As part of these agreements, the owners would repay the waterline extension costs up to a maximum of $550,000 or $15,714.29 per lot. Owners may pay this up front or make payments over a period of 20 years at 4% interest through an improvement district created by the city. The 75% signup goal was met in early December and, as of March 2019, 30 of the 35 lots have executed the repayment agreements.        

This project will extend the city’s water distribution network north down Marine Road, into the Riverwood Subdivision, and construct services to all 35 lots. Although the project will extend services to all lots, only those that have signed repayment agreements will be connected to the new system. The existing private water system will remain in service to serve those who do not wish to change over to the city’s system. 

As a partner in this project, Montrose County has agreed to repave all trench cuts along Marine Road and within the subdivision following installation of the waterline.