Miami-Hillcrest Roundabout Project

Project Summary

  • Location: Intersection of Miami Road and Hillcrest Drive
  • Designer: Felsburg, Holt, and Ullevig (Centennial, CO)
  • Contractor: K&D Construction (Grand Junction, CO)
  • Final Construction Cost: $1.6M
  • Completed: October 2019

Project Overview

As part of a long-range traffic planning effort and in response to neighborhood petitions, congestion, and safety issues experienced through the corridor, the city performed a traffic study of Hillcrest Drive from Main to Niagara back in 2016.  This study recommended the installation of roundabouts at the intersections of Miami, Sunnyside, and Niagara as both the near- and long-term solution to these issues.  

In response to these recommendations, the city designed and constructed the first of these three roundabouts at Sunnyside and Hillcrest in the summer of 2016.  Sunnyside was chosen to receive the first roundabout as this intersection was experiencing the worst delays and the city had already owned all of the right of way necessary to construct the roundabout.  The other two intersections both required the purchase of additional right of way which typically turns into a multi-year process.

Shortly after completion of the Sunnyside project, the city started on the design of the roundabout at Miami and Hillcrest. Following the completion of the roundabout’s preliminary design and establishment of its footprint, property acquisitions then started for this project in early 2018. This required the purchase of right of way or easements from seven different landowners alongside the new roundabout. The final design and all property acquisitions were completed by January of 2019.      

At its intersection with Miami, the alignment of Hillcrest Drive was at a skew.  As a result, the roundabout is approximately 20 feet larger in diameter than the roundabout at Sunnyside. This larger diameter is necessary to meet geometric design standards and to accommodate a large tractor-trailer semi-truck should one come through the corridor for local deliveries. An overview of the project footprint is shown above (download here).  Also included on this drawing are all of the below-ground utilities that were constructed, realigned, or replaced within the project area. This included irrigation supply infrastructure, sanitary sewer, storm sewer, water, communications lines, undergrounding of overhead power, the installation of new street lights, and power/water services to the roundabout center island to allow for landscaping that can be lit during the holidays (similar to Sunnyside).