Redevelopment Overlay District - REDO

The REDO presents a great opportunity for homeowners to maximize the use of their land and create more affordable housing in Montrose. 


  • Participation in the REDO Program is voluntary
  • A REDO application is required to take advantage of the REDO
  • One additional residence (attached or detached from the main house) is allowed on a 50’ x 125’ lot
  • A single family home may be built on a 25’ x 125’ lot
  • The minimum lot size is reduced to 2075 sq. ft.

Possible Configuration for an ADUAccessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

An ADU is a separate home located on the same lot as the primary dwelling unit. ADUs have the advantage of significantly reduced water and sewer tap and investment fees. The combined water and sewer fee is $300. Other building fees also apply. 

ADUs can provide rental income or affordable independent living arrangements for relatives. 

REDO Overlay District

Small Lot Residential

A surprising amount of living space can be built on a 15’ wide house, especially if it is two stories high.

 Possible configuration of narrow house lot

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the REDO mandatory within the REDO District?  No. This is a voluntary program to encourage residential development in the neighborhoods near downtown. Non-REDO projects may proceed under the existing zoning and building regulations. 

Is an application required for the REDO?  Yes. Property owners interested in utilizing the provisions of the REDO must submit an application to the City of Montrose (fee: $50). 

What are the parking requirements?  The standard city parking requirement is two off-street spaces per dwelling unit. An approved REDO application may reduce the required parking to one off-street space for each dwelling unit. 

What are the utility connection fees for an accessory dwelling unit (ADU)?  ADUs built on the same deeded lot as the primary dwelling unit have significantly reduced utility connection fees. The ADU utility connection fee is just $300, a savings of approximately $6800 over the standard water and sewer tap & investment charges. 

I would like to subdivide the primary and accessory dwelling units. What are the utility connection fees for this?  Subdividing requires that each unit built under the REDO standards pay the full water and sewer tap & investment charges. Any subdivision within the city also requires a separate subdivision application.