Hill Street Extension

Project Timeline

  • Project Award: January 2022 
  • Estimated Completion Date: July 2022

Project Team

  • Project Designer:  Del-Mont Consultants (Montrose, CO)
  • Project Surveyor: Del-Mont Consultants (Montrose, CO)
  • Construction Contractor: Oldcastle SW Group (Montrose, CO)

Project Costs

  • Construction Contract: $1.03 M
  • Survey/Construction Support Contract: $25 K

Project Overview

The City of Montrose Comprehensive Plan calls for the eventual extension of Hill Street as a minor arterial from where it currently ends up to Miami Road. The project proposed by this contract will implement the first phase of this extension (approximately 1,400 LF) up to Sunnyside Road as shown in the accompanying excerpt from the Comprehensive Plan. The road extension is taking place concurrent with development of the adjacent Woods Crossing Subdivision currently under construction on either side of the roadway extension.  

The construction project is scheduled to begin in March of 2022 after the SE Water Transmission Main project is completed through the project area. The road extension is scheduled to open in summer 2022.  

Because the project is building a new road through an open field, no major impacts to motorists are expected.

Hill Street Extension Map from Comprehensive Plan