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  1. Niagara Paving To Close Southbound Hillcrest

    Contractors working for the City of Montrose will begin paving Niagara Road this week, which will force the closure of the southbound lane of Hillcrest Drive for equipment to mill and pave the intersection at Hillcrest and Niagara. Read on...
  2. Niagara Road Progress Update

    Contractors working for the City are milling and reshaping Niagara Road from Townsend to Hillcrest in preparation of paving next week..... Read on...
  3. Niagara Road Closed for Asphalt Mill and Overlay Work

    Contractors working for the City will close Niagara Road (Townsend to Hillcrest) starting on Thursday August 9th for a few weeks. Read on...
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  1. Current Capital Projects
  2. Recently Completed Capital Projects
  3. Street Maintenance Projects

"Moving Montrose Forward" is all about equipping Montrose for a successful future by investing in public infrastructure improvements. To make this happen, each year the city transfers funds from the General Fund into the Capital Improvement Fund, contingent upon revenue projections. In 2012, the city adjusted its policy for annual transfers to the Capital fund to increase the recommended minimum transfer amount to approximately $800,000. The past three years have resulted in an annual increase to the transfer amount to complete a variety of capital projects including sidewalk and street reconstruction, traffic flow improvements, and other necessary infrastructure improvements. The estimated Capital Improvement Fund transfer for 2018 is $1.8 million.

Capital expenditures in 2018 are budgeted in the amount of $18,246,690 and include the public infrastructure of the Colorado Outdoors Project (MURA) as well as $3,000,000 of deferred street maintenance in the community. In 2018, construction of Hillcrest from Niagara Rd to East Oak Grove Rd will be completed. Water fund and Sewer fund capital expenditures comprise 18% of the total.

Current Capital Projects

Capital Projects Interactive Map

GOCO Connect Initiative Trail Project
South Hillcrest Avenue Extension
MURA Phase I Public Infrastructure

Interactive Capital Projects and Street Maintenance Map

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