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  1. Townsend Utility Replacements Project Update:

    Contractors to begin construction along Townsend Avenue Read on...
  1. Woodgate Realignment Paving Schedule

    Paving scheduled for north end of Woodgate Realignment Project, southern end of project delayed due to third-party utility relocation efforts. Read on...
  1. Slurry Schedule Updated

    Slurry Schedule updated as minor delays occur Read on...
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  3. Street Maintenance Projects

"Moving Montrose Forward" (MoveMo) is all about equipping Montrose for a successful future by investing in public infrastructure improvements. This includes the expansion of our transportation network (including pedestrian and bicycle facilities/trails), maintenance of existing roadways, and improvements/maintenance of water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer utilities.

Over the past two years, the city has invested approximately $25 million in public infrastructure as part of the MoveMo effort. Projects totaling approximately $6 million are planned for 2020. As projects begin construction they will be summarized on this page and summaries of recently-completed capital projects are included in the adjacent tab.  

The design and construction of capital projects are managed by the city’s Engineering Department. Contact information for the city engineer is available here. Capital projects are prioritized as a cooperative effort between citizens, City Council, city management, various city departments, and engineering. These efforts take into account community priorities/citizen feedback, priorities identified in the city’s Comprehensive Plan, known problem areas, or “missing links” in the transportation network, patterns of development, master plans, and unique funding opportunities that become available. Additional detail can be found in the city’s Street Maintenance and Capital Plan.  

2021 Street Maintenance Program
Sunset Mesa Water Tank and Pump Station
Townsend Avenue Utility Replacements 

Uncompahgre River Improvements - Phase I
Woodgate Subdivision Sewer Rehabilitation Project
Woodgate Realignment Project