David Stockton

David Stockton

David and his wife, Lynn,  moved to Montrose in April of 2015. They both love Montrose and the people that make the city the special place it is. Lynn is a third generation native of Colorado and spent her formative years in Grand Junction; David has lived in Colorado since 1984.

David grew up as a “Military Brat”. Moving from Base to Base every three years has given him the experience of meeting new people and the appreciation of different cultures. He learned to integrate within those cultures and to appreciate the diversity they offer. David also served in the United States Air Force for three and half years during the Vietnam era.

Although David had other jobs after leaving the USAF, he spent most of his adult life working for AT&T. He retired after nearly thirty-four years of service with them. During his AT&T career he had a variety of technical support and managerial positions. David’s managerial experience provides him the skills necessary to make sound decisions across multiple disciplines, i.e., budget, organizational structure and logistics. 

David has integrated himself within the community in the following ways.

He served on the Public Safety Citizens Advisory Committee.

He has been actively involved in governing by attending the majority of City Council meetings since November of 2017 and approximately 50% of the work sessions. He considers himself to be outspoken and challenges conventional thought.

He is a fiscal conservative.                

While at AT&T David earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix. He also earned a Master of Telecommunications Degree from the University of Denver.

David enjoys playing golf, reading and staying healthy by working out at one of the local gyms.