Parent's Role

Baseball Parenting TipsParents serve a crucial role in the Montrose Competitive Youth Baseball League. Our organization's purpose is to develop high-performing athletes who win as a result of focusing on the whole athlete. As a result, we are a values-based organization. Research shows that youth athletes have a far greater chance of success by focusing on "preparation, effort, and enjoyment." Children have a far greater likelihood of competing as champions at the highest levels when they strive for excellence, a key value we promote.

"Excellence is process-oriented and allows for failure, mistakes, and setbacks. It encourages learning and finding the positives in the performance rather than the outcome. Every child can achieve excellence. Children who focus on excellence are far more likely to be high-performing athletes and ultimately successful ones." (John O' Sullivan, Changing the Game). 

John O' Sullivan demonstrates, and we have observed, that your child's greatest determiner of performance is in their state of mind. Whether a player shows up at school, at home, or on the field, the state of mind determines their degree of performance and outcome. Those players with measurably less skill but with an obviously greater positive outlook will outperform players who are athletically gifted but have poor attitudes.

Our program encourages parents to support their youth athletes in the most positive and encouraging manner. In our new parent training, we teach parents about our organization's core values and the expectations we have for parent-player-coach interaction. At its core, this training is a way for parents to familiarize themselves with the groundbreaking foundation our organization is based upon and place it at the forefront of your child's career in baseball. Of course, we welcome your comments and questions at any time.

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