Sunnyside/Hillcrest Improvements Project

Project Summary

  • Location:  Intersection of Sunnyside and Hillcrest
  • Designer:  City of Montrose with grading support from DOWL
  • Contractor:  Rundle Construction (Montrose, CO)
  • Project Cost:  $850,000 (including utility replacements)
  • Completed:  October 2016

Project Overview

In response to routine congestion-related traffic delays, traffic accidents, safety concerns, and numerous petitions to improve intersections on Hillcrest Drive, the city completed a traffic study of the Hillcrest corridor between Miami and Niagara. This study, performed by Calibre Engineering (Highlands Ranch, CO) and supplemented by a detailed analysis of alternatives by the city's Engineering Department, identified a roundabout as the preferred alternative for intersections throughout this corridor. To that end, the city constructed the first roundabout within this corridor at the intersection of Sunnyside and Hillcrest in the summer of 2016. 

The project included a new roundabout, replacement of undersized and aging waterlines, sewerlines, and storm drain infrastructure, undergrounding of nearby overhead powerlines, and landscaping improvements.

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