Nature is Your Neighbor - Earth Day GraphicEach spring the City of Montrose sponsors and coordinates a full schedule of Earth Week activities. A different theme is highlighted each year to raise awareness about how each member of the community can help preserve a healthy environment for themselves and future generations.

Due to measures put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, the annual Arbor Day tree planting and Earth Day Expo scheduled for April 25, 2020, in Buckley park is canceled. 

The City of Montrose would still like to encourage you to participate in practices that are beneficial to our community and its natural resources, however, please be mindful of social distancing and refrain from public activities should you feel sick.

Please visit the COVID page for up-to-date information.

While it is easy to get swept up by our daily routines, this Earth Week the City of Montrose encourages you to slow down and take the time to "reconnect with nature."

As we are all very much aware, we are lucky to live in a gloriously scenic area that is rich with natural resources. Be it a hike in the Black Canyon, a stroll through one of our many beautiful parks, or plotting out a new vegetable garden in your very own yard, please take the time to enjoy this beautiful land we are lucky to call home.

Get out and enjoy the outdoors and reconnect with nature!


Even if you can’t attend any of the Earth Week activities around the city, as a family you can still do your part to honor the planet. We’d love for you to share your new nature-made memories with us! We want to see photos of you and your family and friends out and about in nature during Earth Week and we may share them on our social media pages. Take the Nature-Made challenge and show us what you are doing to help our environment!
Some ideas include:
  1. Go on a nature scavenger hunt. Make a list of common trees, plants and animals that live in Montrose and take a walk and find them. Hint: Many of these can be found in our city parks!
  2. Take a hike through your neighborhood equipped with gloves and pick up trash that collects along the roads and sidewalks.
  3. Save electricity.  After the sun goes down, don’t turn off the lights, play “In the Dark” hide-and-seek or grab a flashlight and share stories. Or share nature memories! See? It’s a theme!
  4. Save the air by staying home this Earth day; or plan to walk or ride your bike and leave the car at home. Challenge yourself to do this the entire Earth Week. You’ll see the savings in your wallet too!
  5. Slather a few pinecones with peanut butter and roll them in bird seed to hang on your trees for a bird-sized snack.
  6. Plant an herb garden or a fruit tree so that you can share the fruits of your Earth Day labor for many dinners to come. What a perfect opportunity to teach children about the importance of trees and plants and their role in keeping our air clean and providing sustenance.
  7. Turn off the TV and save energy! Instead, curl up together and read your favorite books about the Earth, our environment, and Earth Day.
  8. Build a compost bin to reduce the amount of trash your family creates and make feeding your plants more affordable and efficient.
Go online to visit the International Earth Day page to learn more.