Registration Information

Please visit the official Montrose Competitive Youth Baseball and Softball online registration page to register for the 2020 season.

Fee Structure

  • Registration fee: $75

Reimbursement Policy

Should a player not be recommended to play in the competitive league as a result of performance in the player evaluation that indicates a concern for safety or need for additional development, the uniform and registration fees will be returned to you. 

Required Documents

Please have a copy of your child's birth certificate available prior to registration. This document will need to be uploaded prior to registration completion.  Please note that the birth date cut-off for age classification is May 1.

Please review the Parent Code of Ethics and Player Code of Conduct. Parents, spectators, and athletes will be held to these standards throughout the season.

What You Should Know Before Registering 

Our program is values-based, with the whole athlete at the forefront of our priorities. Providing an environment for athletic development that is focused on mindset as well as athleticism is our objective. As such, we train coaches, assistants, players, parents, and spectators with cutting-edge and recent research upon which this program is based. Coaches, parents, and players are each REQUIRED to acknowledge and abide by our code of ethics.

Additionally, our league is competitive. This means that not all players will make the team. Recommendations to play in the league are based on player development and safety. Should a player not be recommended to a team, we offer participation in the Montrose Recreation District leagues, which are less competitive and offer players the opportunity to build the skills needed to perform at the competitive level. The player registration fee will be reimbursed should a player not be assigned to a team.  

Financial Hardship

We believe that every child should have the chance to compete. Please contact our staff to discuss options to alleviate this challenge for your family.