"A Better Montrose" Mobile App

A Better Montrose AppA Better Montrose is a mobile app for Montrose residents, businesses and visitors to interact with their City government, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This smartphone app may be used to submit requests and make suggestions on how we can work together to make our community even better, thus the name, A Better Montrose.

Residents can submit a short description and a picture with their request. The app will automatically identify the issue location and route the request to the appropriate City department. The submitter will be able to track their request all the way through to its resolution - right from their phone.

Have an idea that will improve the quality of life in Montrose? This app will allow you to submit those ideas. Some ideas are easily approved and implemented, while more complex suggestions will likely involve further discussion, approval, planning, and budgeting. Either way, we would love to hear your ideas and will keep you updated about the status of your suggestion.

Download the app today!

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Prefer not to download the app?

No problem. Submit and track your requests from any browser using the A Better Montrose Request Tracker page.