2023 Community Survey

2023 Community Survey Report Cover Opens in new windowThe City of Montrose conducted the 2023 Community Survey as a tool for the city to gauge how well our community is doing compared to past city surveys and to other communities around the region and nation. Data gathered from the survey will provide valuable information about citizen satisfaction and help city leadership better plan, prioritize, and improve services and programs.

Survey Participants & Accuracy

In August of 2023, the official survey questionnaire was mailed to a randomly-selected group of Montrose households with an option to complete an identical online version of the questionnaire. Based on the number of surveys that were completed, the survey results have a 95% level of confidence with a precision of at least +/- 4.8%.

Contents of the Survey and How the Data Will Be Used

The survey asked participants to rate their satisfaction with the city’s primary services. Some questions in the survey prompted participants to prioritize the city’s actions. The survey results will influence decisions that will be made about the future of Montrose, including the city's focus on services to improve and priorities for future projects and community issues.

Individual survey responses were confidential and results were processed and analyzed by an independent survey company, ETC Institute, that was also responsible for randomly selecting Montrose households that received the survey questionnaire.

Survey Results and Report

A recording of ETC's presentation of the survey results to the City Council at the October 16, 2023 work session is available on the Public Meetings Portal as well as the city's YouTube channel. Links to the final 2023 Community Survey report and other survey data are shown below.

Interactive Data Dashboard

Explore the interactive data dashboard to take a very customizable and in-depth look at the survey results, including survey data points from specific geographical areas within the city.

Access the Interactive Data Dashboard