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Special events are an important foundation of all communities. They serve to build a sense of community, reveal and enhance the local character, and create and develop a sense of place by highlighting what’s unique and special about the area — all while creating memories and fostering attachment and belonging. Besides — they are just plain fun!

The dual mission of the OBT is to increase tourism traffic while boosting retail sales. Whether you’re planning a simple event like a public potluck or book club or a larger-scale effort like a mass festival, the OBT wants all events to be successful. We encourage all event planners to coordinate with us so we can help support your event.

Something for Everyone

All special events are welcome to take advantage of several avenues of support from the OBT, as well as engage a number of local and regional resources available to help with event planning and execution. The OBT stands ready to support a variety of event types.

Location, Location, Location

Montrose has a variety of meeting spaces, sites, and venues available for events of various sizes and needs.

Facilities, Parks, and Permits

The following are administered by the City Clerk's Office:

Share Your Expertise

Are you familiar with resources, information, or support organizations that other event organizers may find useful? Please share this information with us so that we can improve this resource and help other event planners.

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