Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans

Montrose residents celebrate ribbon-cutting for All America City designation

Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans LogoThe City of Montrose is committed to supporting the Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans (WHAV), formerly Welcome Home Montrose, and its efforts to provide a no-barriers community environment with homes, jobs, recreation and services for wounded veterans.

On March 5, 2012, the Montrose City Council passed a resolution supporting the Welcome Home Montrose program and committing to six specific areas of assistance:

  1. Working with WHM to assess City-owned or managed facilities to determine whether such facilities are ADA compliant, at a minimum, and whether such facilities effectively meet the needs of physically or psychologically disabled veterans and their caregivers, with appropriate amenities such as a designated family bathroom;
  2. Making it a mission to work with WHM to ensure that any future planning of public facilities or community resources, such as parks, and recreational facilities, considers the needs of physically and psychologically disabled veterans;
  3. Developing support for WHM and its objectives through direct or indirect promotion, as the City deems appropriate, and within the City's budgetary constraints;
  4. Sponsoring or supporting WHM fundraising efforts, as deemed appropriate within the City's discretion;
  5. Implementing, supporting or expanding programs within the purview of the City of Montrose to meet the needs of veterans with physical or psychological disabilities and special needs, such as strengthening services that deal with PTSD or any issues relating to wounded or disabled veterans, as deemed appropriate within the City's discretion and subject to reasonable financial, staffing, and resource constraints; and
  6. Providing other non-cost considerations such as technical, public relations or logistical support, as the City deems appropriate, and within the City's financial, staffing, and resource constraints.

To learn more, please visit the Welcome Home Alliance for Veterans website

Montrose 2013 All-America City WHAFV and the All-America City Designation

Montrose was a proud recipient of the 2013 All-America City award from the National Civic League. The award, received by only ten cities nationwide each year, recognizes communities that have demonstrated “innovation, inclusiveness, civic engagement and cross-sector collaboration by describing successful effort to address pressing local challenges.” The 2013 selection process focused special attention on communities that have taken innovative approaches to address veterans’ issues.