Cart Placement

Where To Place the Cart

Recycling carts should be placed for collection at the same location that is used for your routine trash collection service. In special cases sanitation personnel may designate a different location.

The city's Single-Stream Recycling program is able to operate more efficiently by using trucks that are equipped with automated collection arms. Containers that are blocked by vehicles, poles, landscaping, or other obstructions cannot be reached by the collection arm and will not be emptied. Please place carts at least four feet away from obstructing objects.

When To Place the Cart

Carts should be placed for collection no later than 6:00 a.m. on your collection day. This will minimize the possibility that the collection truck will service your area before your cart is placed.

Where To Place the Cart After It Has Been Emptied

Recycling carts should be removed from the collection area after they are emptied and placed in a storage area that is clear of alleys or sidewalks. Doing so will help prevent use of the container by unauthorized parties and will help prevent recycling trucks from making unnecessary stops to empty containers that do not need it.

Additional Containers & Materials

Only the 90-gallon collection carts supplied by the city will be emptied. Please do not over-fill carts and do not place additional items on top of or alongside the container.