City of Montrose Youth Council

The Montrose Youth Council was established by the Montrose City Council to encourage greater youth participation in the city’s government and is charged with actively advising City Council with thoughtful recommendations on issues concerning youth and assisting city staff in considering youth perspectives in its planning efforts. The goals and structure of the Youth Council are outlined in the Youth Council Manual. Members are selected near the beginning of each school year from a pool of applicants.

Download the Youth Council Application

Youth Council Members

  • Claire Wilson
  • Clara Carrasco
  • Josie Coulter
  • Gunnison Clamp
  • Mari Wilson
  • Olivia Haga
  • Rheannon Allen
  • Zack Oldroyd
  • Harrison Hall


Kailey Rivenburgh
Mikayla Unruh

City Council Representative

Roy Anderson

Youth Council Official Logo


The specific goals of the Youth Council program are:
  • To provide an opportunity for the youth of this community to acquire a greater knowledge and appreciation for the American political system through active participation in that system.
  • To help the Montrose City Council to solve the problems and accomplish the goals of this community by working directly with the representatives of the youth.
  • To serve the youth of this community by:
    • Informing the city government of the needs and wishes of the youth.
    • Planning and implementing social, educational, cultural, athletic, and recreational activities for the youth.
    • Working with the Montrose City Council, Montrose County School District and other local organizations to provide new opportunities for Montrose youth.


The Youth Council meets the first and third Wednesday of each month from 6:30 to 8 p.m. in the Annex Conference Room, located at 433 South First Street behind City Hall.

Teen Opportunity Expo (TOE)

Each spring the Youth Council sponsors a “Teen Opportunity Expo” (T.O.E.) for area youth ages 13 to 19 to attend workshops, listen to guest speakers, and visit with local business and organization representatives for summer jobs, volunteer opportunities and internships.

Businesses and organizations interested in participating should call Mikayla Unruh at 970-240-1421.

TOE Business Registration Form 
TOE Event Poster