Montrose Lions Community Building

Lions Clubhouse

602 North Nevada

The Lions Clubhouse and associated park, established in 1925, stemmed from a community effort originally intended to provide tourists and county residents a place to stay while they came to the County Seat to conduct business.

Today, the building and grounds continue to be used by residents and tourists alike for special events and activities.

The City of Montrose has made this great community amenity available for public use. The facility has a kitchen,10 banquet tables, 10 card tables, and 72 chairs. The kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, electric stove and a sink for dishes. Cooking supplies, coffee pots and serving utensils are not provided. To reserve the Lions Clubhouse for your next event, call 240-1422 to make sure your date is available, then fill out the reservation form.
Lions Clubhouse
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