South Woodgate Road Improvements

Project Summary

  • Location:  Woodgate Road, Ogden Road to Oxbow Drive
  • Designer:  Drexel, Barrell, and Co. (Grand Junction, CO)   
  • Contractor:  Haynes Excavation (Montrose, CO)
  • Project Cost:  $1.1M
  • Completed:  June 2016

Project Overview

A design for the widening of Woodgate Road was completed back in 2009 and included improvements from Townsend Avenue to Otter Road. However, this project never went to construction and sat idle until 2014 when it was revived in anticipation of the Montrose Recreation District’s Community Recreation Center (CRC). In support of the CRC, the city agreed to complete the widening of Woodgate Road from Oxbow Drive to the Ogden Road roundabout. 

Widening of the road included the replacement of an undersized and aging sewerline, undergrounding of overhead power utilities, and construction of the new roadway and sidewalk improvements.  

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