South Hillcrest Extension

Location: Hillcrest Drive, Niagara to East Oak Grove
Designer: DOWL (Montrose, CO)
Contractor: TBD
Contract Price: $3.0M
Scheduled Completion: Late Fall 2018

Project Overview

Recent capital planning efforts performed by the City of Montrose have identified the improvement/extension of Hillcrest Drive between Niagara and East Oak Grove Roads as a priority project. Improvement of the Hillcrest corridor and the associated reduction in traffic congestion is also in line with priorities identified in the recently-completed community survey, recommendations in the city’s comprehensive plan, and will complement the recently-completed widening of East Oak Grove Road between Townsend Avenue and Bear Lake Drive. The city’s recently-updated sanitary sewer master plan also identified the need to re-route flows from an existing sewer main located in Pavilion Drive over to the Hillcrest alignment in order to address sewer line capacity issues anticipated in the relatively near future. 

In March of 2018, the City of Montrose is expected to award a contract to construct these projects, collectively titled the Hillcrest Extension and Sanitary Sewer Construction Project. Upon completion, this project will construct approximately one mile of 15-inch sanitary sewer pipeline, extend Hillcrest approximately 2,000 feet from Sunrise Drive to East Oak Grove Road, and widen sidewalks between Niagara and Sunrise Drive. The roadway extension will include new pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks, stormwater collection and treatment systems, street lighting, a waterline extension, and landscaping improvements.