Judy Ann Files

Judy Ann Files

Judy Ann has lived in Montrose for a total of 49 years. She was born in Montrose which has been her mother’s family home for 125 years but attended elementary school in Holly, Colorado, junior and senior high in Grand Junction, Colorado.

After graduation from Western State College she and her husband, Ralph, taught in Crowley County School district, Ordway, Colorado, for three years. They then chose to relocate to Montrose to raise their children, Craig and Christina.

Judy Ann has been involved in many aspects of the Montrose community over the years. She spent 35 years as an educator in the Montrose County School District, the last eight of which were teaching Special Education at Centennial Junior High School.

She has a bachelor of arts degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in special education. She was a volunteer with the Montrose Chamber of Commerce and an organizer of Good Morning Montrose! which focused on bringing different entities of the community together in an informatory way, for which she was honored to receive the Community Service award from the Montrose Chamber of Commerce. She has also been involved with the Montrose Regional Library and Friends of the Library.

She has served on the City of Montrose Parks Advisory Board aiding in decisions about what the community should do with open space, a board member with Uncompahgre/Com, Inc. which is a fiscal management non-profit dealing with funding for public lands projects, and a volunteer for Montrose Public Lands Visitor Center interfacing with public who have questions or concerns about the recreational opportunities in the Montrose area, for which she received the Colorado Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Volunteer of the Year award.

Judy Ann was re-elected to the Montrose City Council in April 2016.