Trash & Recycling Services

Residential Service

Residential trash is collected on a fixed, once-a-week schedule. The Trash Collection Routes Map shows collection days for each area of the city. Contact Public Works at 970-240-1480 for the pickup day for a specific location. 

All trash containers must be at the designated collection location no later than 6 a.m. on the scheduled collection day. A $35 fee is charged for ‘go back’ requests from customers who fail to have their trash container placed in time for collection and drivers may not be able to return until the next collection day. 

As of January 1, 2023, the trash collection fee for single-family residences is $18.30 per month for once-a-week pickup. An extra 90-gallon container can be obtained for an additional $18.30 monthly fee. Extra container service must be maintained for a minimum of eight months.

Trash service fees are included with water and sewer charges on monthly utility bills.

Commercial Service

Commercial customers can arrange pickup for up to four days per week, Monday through Thursday. Businesses can contact Public Works for pickup schedules for a specific location. 

Monthly non-residential rates are calculated using the following formula: (Rate)*((Gallon capacity of container * the number of pickups per week)*52)/12. As of January 1, 2023, the non-residential rate is $0.028 per gallon.

Montrose Recycles LogoRecycling Services

The City of Montrose views recycling as an important part of being responsible stewards of the environment. Recycling is also compatible with the city's efforts to maintain low-cost sanitation services.

Visit the Recycling Services page for complete information about the city's programs for reducing waste volume by recycling, composting, and encouraging waste avoidance.  

Holiday Interruptions

Scheduled trash collections that fall on a city-observed holiday will be rescheduled to occur on another day of the same week, as described in the Holiday Schedule and Routes Map document. Customers with questions about holiday collection schedules can also call 970-240-1480.

City-observed holidays are: New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

Additional Services

Customers can arrange non-routine collections for large loads or items that are not allowed during regular collection service. Special collections can be arranged by calling 970-240-1480 or 970-240-1400. Collection rates are as follows:

Non-Scheduled Collections

  • $15 minimum fee for non-scheduled residential collections*
  • $30 minimum fee for non-scheduled large residential collections*
  • $50 minimum fee for non-scheduled commercial collections* 
  • $150 for large non-scheduled commercial collections* 

*Please note: Non‐scheduled residential and commercial collections will be billed the actual costs for time, equipment, and landfill fees where applicable.

Freon Disposal

  • $20 - in addition to any applicable collection fee

Temporary Additional Containers

  • $50 for a 350-gallon trash container – includes delivery and one empty. $35 for each additional empty.
  • $25 for a 90‐gallon trash container—includes delivery and one empty. $25.00 for each additional empty.

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Prohibited Items and Disposal Options

Electronics, toxic, explosive, hazardous, or extremely flammable materials, materials contaminated with contagious diseases, and dead animals are not permitted in city trash collection services. 

The city provides special collection services for construction waste, furniture and appliances, tree limbs, freight packaging, and other materials that are not allowed under the routine trash collection service. Fees will be charged on the customer's monthly utility bill according to the amount and type of materials that are collected (see the "Additional Services" section on this page). To schedule a special pick-up, call 970-240-1480 or 970-240-1400.

Local businesses and organizations provide recycling services for some types of special waste. See the Special Waste Disposal page for helpful information about disposing of electronic waste (e-waste), household hazardous waste, paint, and green waste.

Report Illegal Dumping

Illegal dumping increases the cost of city sanitation services and spoils the appearance of our community. It is illegal to deposit refuse on streets, alleys, or any other public area or to use any city trash container without authorization. Illegal dumping is punishable by a maximum $1,000 fine and up to one year in jail. 

Your cooperation is needed to stop illegal dumping. If you observe illegal dumping, collect the vehicle license number and any other information that will help identify the offender. Then contact the city's Code Enforcement Officer immediately.

Montrose County Landfill

The Montrose County landfill, located at 67999 Landfill Road, is owned by Montrose County and operated under a contract with Waste Management of Colorado. Information about the landfill's hours of operation, disposal fees, and other details are available on the Montrose County website.