Crime-Free Housing


The Montrose Police Department participates in the International Crime-Free Programs. These programs provide critical information and services to landlords, property managers and owners in the effort to reduce crime-related problems at rental properties. The International Crime-Free Programs have reduced criminal incidents by up to 70% and drug-related incidents by up to 80%.

During the fifth year of the program, the Montrose PD saw a 40% reduction in calls for service (533 Calls), 29% reduction in criminal reports (94 reports), and a 15% decrease in arrests (21 arrests).

Calls for service, department wide, were reduced by 533 calls or approximately 2.1% for the year.


The Department offers Crime-Free Multi-housing classes and partnerships to residential rental property landlords, property managers and owners. Training and partnerships are also available in the Crime-Free Hotel/Motel and Crime-Free Mobile Housing programs.

For more information contact Community Services at 970-252-5200.