Arrangements for the city's elections are contained in Article III of the City Charter and in Title I, Chapter 17 of the Municipal Code.

2019 Election

City of Montrose Ballot Issue 2A regarding a public safety sales tax will appear on the Montrose County 2019 Coordinated Election ballot. The full wording of the ballot question and the city ordinance, detailing the collection and use of funds if the issue is approved, are available for download.  

Ballots must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Montrose County Elections Office at 320 S. First Street. 

For additional information about the November election, please visit the Montrose County website

Voter Information

In accordance with state municipal election statutes, only citizens who have resided within the city limits for at least 22 days before the election are eligible to vote.

Voter registration information is available online from the Colorado Secretary of State website or from the Montrose County Clerk and Recorder's Office.

Candidate Requirements and Information

Candidates must be qualified (registered) electors, 18 years of age older, who have resided within the City and the district that they are seeking to represent for at least 12 consecutive months immediately preceding the date of the election. Candidates for the At Large seat can reside anywhere in the city but must meet the minimum residency requirement.

In 2014, voters adopted revisions to the City Charter that require City Council candidates to be clear of felony convictions.

The District Map provides detailed information about the district boundaries. Eligible voters may cast votes for candidates in each district, regardless of where they reside in the City. Download the candidate information packet for additional details and forms. View required candidate filings in the Document Center.
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