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Montrose Recycles LogoSingle-Stream Curbside Recycling

Single-stream recycling service is provided, without additional cost, to the city's residential trash collection customers. 

In 2017 participants in the program recycled 748 tons of cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard, yielding significant savings in energy and natural resources. View the current Waste Management Audit Report to see how Montrose residents are doing with keeping contaminants out of the recycling stream.

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How the Program Works

The recycling program is “single-stream”, meaning that all recyclables are placed in a single 90-gallon can that the city provides to each residential customer. The Single-Stream Recycling Guide and Calendar provides additional details about the program.

Preparing Recyclables

Contamination reduces the value of recyclables and increases the amount of materials that end up in the landfill. Please follow these simple rules:

  • Place only approved recyclables in your can. 
  • Empty and rinse containers.
  • Remove and discard all plastic caps, lids and pumps. It is not necessary to remove labels from containers.
  • Remove plastic liners from cereal boxes and other non-paper items from paper materials and discard in trash.
  • Place materials directly into can rather than “nesting” recyclables or placing them in boxes or bags.

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    Monday - Thursday
    7 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Collection Schedule and Holidays Interruptions

Place cans no later than 6 a.m. on your collection day. Recycling containers are emptied once every two weeks according to the recycling calendar. Recycling collections and trash collections occur on different schedules. See the Trash Services page for trash collection instructions and schedules.

Recycling Cart Sticker WebGreen Recycling CanBlue Recycling CanBlue cans are emptied on blue weeks and green cans on green weeks, unless notified otherwise by city personnel. A sticker on the top of the can shows the day of the week that it will be emptied.

Collections that fall on a city-observed holiday shift to Friday of the same week.

Placing the Recycling Can

On your designated collection day, please place the recycling can in the location that is used for trash pickup. Keep cans at least four feet away from obstructing objects. All recyclable items must be placed in the 90-gallon recycling can. The city will not collect other containers or items placed next to the can.

Recycling cans should be removed from the collection area after they are emptied and placed in a storage area that is clear of alleys or sidewalks.

Only the 90-gallon collection carts supplied by the city will be emptied.  Please do not over-fill carts and do not place additional items on top of or alongside the container.

Items to Place in the Recycling Can

PlasticsPlastics – #1-5 & 7 Remove lids & caps and rinse.

Paper examplesPaper – Newspaper, junk mail, magazines, office paper, telephone books, etc. Remove plastic.

Cardboard and paperboardRemove plastic parts and flatten. Do not include items contaminated with oil or food residue. Paperboard containers with wax or plastic coatings (e.g. milk and juice containers) are recyclable.

MetalMetals – Aluminum and tin/steel cans, metal caps and lids, etc. Empty cans and rinse out food residue.

Red CircleUnacceptable Items


Plastic bags, caps, and lids

Plastic BagsPlastic items with no recycling symbol

Hardbound books, shredded paper, and paper scraps less than 4” X 4”

Styrofoam#6 plastics (styrofoam cups, packaging, and peanuts)

Batteries, appliances, and electronic waste

Contaminated (dirty) recyclables

Liquids of any kind

Green wasteWhen in doubt

Expanded Recycling Services

City residential trash customers can recycle used tires, green waste in residential quantities, fluorescent tube lamps and CFLs, and electronic waste with glass screens at the Public Works facility (1221 6450 Rd), Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

These recycling services are provided without charge as a courtesy to City of Montrose residential trash customers only. Prior to unloading any materials, customers must check in at the Public Works reception desk and present a current Colorado driver’s license and a copy of their recent city utility bill.


Electronic Waste:

  • Only electronics with glass screens
  • Limit of two units per residential address each calendar year

Used Tires:

  • Limit of eight tires per residential address each calendar year
  • Tires mounted on rims are not accepted.

Green Waste:

  • Quantities are not limited
  • Materials that are accepted: lawn clippings, garden plants, weeds, leaves, hedge/tree trimmings, and tree branches under six inches in diameter
  • Materials that are not accepted: food, pet waste, plastic bags, trash, rocks, metal, soil, sod, hazardous wastes, and other non-green wastes
  • Green waste compost is available to residents free of charge, based on availability.

More detailed information is available on the Expanded Recycling Services Information Sheet.

Additional Recycling Options

The City of Montrose Recycling Guide provides a listing of area businesses and organizations that provide recycling services for a wide variety of materials including automotive fluids, electronics, batteries, textiles, and other materials that are not included in the city's Single-Stream Recycling program. See the Special Waste Disposal page for helpful information about disposing of electronic waste (e-waste), household hazardous waste, paint, and green waste.