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The city organization views recycling as an important part of the responsible stewardship of the environment. Recycling is also compatible with the city's efforts to maintain low-cost sanitation services. Reducing waste volume by recycling, composting, and waste avoidance helps to reduce sanitation disposal costs.

Single-Stream Curbside Recycling

The City of Montrose rolled out its new Single-Stream Recycling program on January 2, 2013. This service is provided, without additional cost, to all of the city's residential sanitation customers. Green and blue recycling carts have been distributed to residences throughout the city. 

Single stream recycling means that all recyclable materials will go into one 90-gallon cart for collection. Plastics (Numbers 1 through 7), aluminum, tin, paper, and cardboard will be accepted. Glass will not be accepted. The Single-Stream Recycling Guide and Calendar provides additional details about the program.

In 2017 participants in the program recycled 748 tons of cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard, yielding significant savings in energy and natural resources. View the current Waste Management Audit Report to see how Montrose residents are doing with keeping contaminants out of the recycling stream.

Expanded Recycling Services

City residents can recycle used tires, green waste in residential quantities, fluorescent tube lamps and CFLs, and electronic waste with glass screens at the Public Works facility (1221 6450 Rd), Monday – Thursday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

These new recycling services are being provided without charge as a courtesy to City of Montrose residents only. Prior to unloading any materials, customers must check in at the Public Works reception desk and present a current Colorado driver’s license and a copy of their recent city utility bill.

Electronic Waste Recycling Guidelines:

  • Only electronics with glass screens
  • Limit of two units per residential address each calendar year

Used Tires Recycling Guidelines:

  • Limit of eight tires per residential address each calendar year
  • Tires mounted on rims are not accepted.

Green Waste

  • Quantities are not limited
  • Lawn clippings, garden plants, weeds, leaves, hedge/tree trimmings, and tree branches under six inches in diameter are accepted
  • Food, pet waste, plastic bags, trash, rocks, metal, soil, sod, hazardous wastes, and other non-green wastes are not accepted
  • Green waste compost is available to residents free of charge, based on availability.
More detailed information is available on the Expanded Recycling Services Information Sheet.

Recycling Guide

The City of Montrose Recycling Guide provides a listing of area businesses and organizations that provide recycling services for a wide variety of materials including automotive fluids, electronics, batteries, textiles, and other materials that are not included in the city's Single-Stream Recycling program.