Stormwater Program


The city's Stormwater Management Program is dedicated to protecting the quality of our surface waters, ponds, creeks, and rivers.

The Stormwater Management Program complies with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) under the Federal Clean Water Act. The program includes:
  • compliance with the city's NPDES permit and annual reporting to the State Water Quality Control Board
  • enforcement procedures
  • inspections for illicit discharge and connections
  • monitoring stormwater runoff
  • public awareness and education programs for residents, developers, contractors, businesses, and municipalities


The city's Stormwater Pollution Prevention policy is found in Section 3-7 of the City of Montrose Municipal Code.

Permit for Construction

Stormwater Construction Permit coverage is required by state and federal regulations for stormwater discharged from any construction activity that disturbs at least one acre of land.
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