Sales Tax Licensing

Businesses, including transient vendors, that sell merchandise to customers within the city limits are required to obtain a city sales tax license. Licensing and reporting are also required for operators of short-term rental properties.

Online Sales Tax Licensing and Reporting System

The City of Montrose uses MUNIRevs, an online sales and use tax licensing and reporting system that provides a secure online system that businesses can use to apply for sales tax licenses, file tax returns, and submit payments. Visit the MUNIRevs website ( to register and begin remitting. 

Be sure to review the instructions and MUNIRevs FAQs or contact MUNIRevs directly if additional assistance is needed. Unlimited phone and online support is available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by contacting MUNIRevs at or 888-751-1911.

To obtain a sales tax license, please complete the registration process on MUNIRevs and submit the $35.00 fee.

License Renewals
City sales tax licenses must be renewed each calendar year for a $15 fee by using the MUNIRevs website.

Licensing for Specific Business Types

Transient Vendors

To obtain a Transient Vendors License for a business that is operated inside the city limits for only a short period of time, please complete the registration process on MUNIRevs and submit the $85.00 fee. If selling along any City public right-of-way you will have to contact the City Clerk’s office and provide a letter of permission from the landowner (if parking on private property) and obtain a surety bond of $1000.

Short-Term Rental Properties

A short-term rental (STR) is a residential dwelling, or any rooms therein, available for lease for a term of less than thirty (30) consecutive days. STRs are allowed in all zoning districts within the City of Montrose, as long as they are part of a legal dwelling unit.

Short-term rentals come in a variety of forms ranging from the rental of an entire home for short-term stays, rental of a separate unit such as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) or “mother-in-law suite” for a short-term stay, or rental of individual rooms within a home for short-term stays.

A current, valid sales tax license is required for each STR in the City of Montrose. Each STR is required to collect and remit sales tax and hotel excise tax. The total tax is 9.43% broken down as follows: Sales Tax is 8.53% (3.58% City 0.3% Montrose Rec District, 1.75% Montrose County, and 2.9% State) and Hotel Excise Tax is 0.9%.

Obtain a Sales Tax License online by visiting the MUNIRevs website ( and following the instructions provided. Post your assigned sales tax license number in any online listing for your STR property. You will receive a non-compliance letter if your STR license number is not posted on the online STR listing.

Download the Short-Term Rental Fact Sheet