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Posted on: July 22, 2014

Riverbottom Park: A Robust and Unique Park Offering

The City of Montrose provides an abundance of parks, trails, playgrounds, recreational areas, and open space. These public facilities preserve and enhance the quality of life and environment in Montrose. The Parks Division of the Public Works Department maintains 29 developed parks, 118 acres of open space, 30 miles of concrete trails, greenbelts and planters, and plans projects that beautify the community. City park shelters may be reserved for private and public events.

One of the most unique park offerings in Colorado is Riverbottom Park: the sheer variety and diversity of activities available in this one park is what makes it so special and interesting. There's always something going on at Riverbottom!

In the central area of the park, park-goers can picnic, host a party in a shelter, play softball, or skate on a nationally-renowned skate park; children can play on two different age-appropriate playgrounds; and additional offerings include paddle ball, horse shoes, bicycling, basketball, fishing, and volleyball.

Farther to the north, you can picnic in the shade, feed the ducks and geese, enjoy the dog park, or walk along the Uncompahgre River.

On the river, fishing has always been available, and with the new habitat improvements south of the fishing pier, fishing can be outstanding. If all these options aren’t enough to entice, a new Water Sports Park will be constructed through the winter with an anticipated opening of spring 2015.

There has been confusion about Riverbottom Park’s name being changed to “Baldridge Park.” Riverbottom is actually one of three parks that comprise the Clifford E. Baldridge Regional Park: the other two are Sunset Mesa Youth Sports Complex and Cerise Park. Concrete recreation trails connect all three parks to the river trail, which makes for a great hike, bicycle ride, or rollerblading trip. On November 2, 1995, the City Council did approve the name of “The Clifford E. Baldridge Regional Park” to the designated area that now is the home of all three park assets.

Who was Clifford E. Baldridge? The Colorado Business Hall of Fame honors Colorado's most distinguished business leaders from the past and present, publicizes the contributions of business leaders to our communities, and promotes the importance and value of the free enterprise system. The laureates are selected for their enduring and innovative professional contributions to Colorado, the inspirational and ethical manner in which they have conducted their business, and their significant philanthropic contributions to civic and community organizations.

Bladridge was honored as the very first living recipient of the Colorado Business Hall of Fame Award, accepting the honor among the ranks of Coors, Gates, and Boetcher. Here’s what the organization has to say about Baldridge on their website:

Clifford E. Baldridge, or as many referred to him, “Mr. Montrose,” was a manager and part owner of the City Market in the western town of Montrose, Colorado. Baldridge quickly became a pillar within his community by connecting with people through City Market and his intense involvement within the community for over 50 years.

His philanthropic, business, and civic leadership and contributions to Montrose were countless; he strove to, in short, leave things better than he found them. For more information about the Colorado Business Hall of Fame and to view a video of showcasing Baldridge, visit

In addition to everyday leisure activities, Riverbottom Park hosts several events throughout the year, and the public may reserve shelters for exclusive use for a small fee. Park hours are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., and city codes and regulations must be followed at all times. Special use permit applications are available to reserve areas of parks for advertised public events or events with more than 100 attendees.

The city encourages citizens to enjoy this outstanding public asset and supports arrangements for responsible and lawful consumption of alcohol on city-owned properties. Alcohol is allowed in city parks in conjunction with permitted events. State of Colorado Special Events Liquor Licenses and consumption permit applications are available through the City Clerk’s office; further parks use information is available in the parks use regulations. For more information on reserving parks and facilities and liquor permits, contact the City Clerk’s office at (970) 240-1422 or visit

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