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Posted on: July 7, 2014

Learn More About Enjoying City Parks

The City of Montrose provides an abundance of parks, trails, playgrounds, recreational areas, and open space—even a dog park. The city encourages citizens to enjoy these outstanding public assets.

Most parks include playgrounds and picnic tables. Many parks have shelters available to the public which may be reserved for exclusive use for a small fee: Centennial Plaza, Cerise Park and Shelter, LaRaza Park and Shelter, Lions Clubhouse, Lions Park and Shelter, Riverbottom Park and Shelter, Rotary Park and Shelter, and Sunset Mesa Park and Shelter. Park hours are from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m., and city codes and regulations must be followed at all times. The city’s 29 parks, 118 acres of open space, and over 30 miles of concrete trails are maintained by the Parks Division of the Public Works Department.

Special use permit applications are available to reserve areas of parks for advertised public events or events with more than 100 attendees.

The city supports arrangements for responsible and lawful consumption of alcohol on city-owned properties. Alcohol is allowed in city parks in conjunction with permitted events. State of Colorado Special Events Liquor Licenses and consumption permit applications are available through the City Clerk’s office.

An ordinance was adopted by City Council in 2002 allowing alcohol consumption in parks. For citizens reserving a park shelter for private use, an alcohol consumption permit is possible. This allows for the consumption, but not the sale, of beer and wine in non-glass containers within 20 feet of the shelter. The cost for this permit is $50 with a $100 deposit. This permit only applies to parks with park shelters, and alcohol is not allowed in the Lions Community Building or Lions Park.

Established by the State in 1963, Special Events Permits are required to sell and serve alcohol. Nonprofit entities may apply for this permit at a cost of $100 for events on public or private property. For events on city-owned properties, the presence of police officers is required by city regulation. Officer fees are incorporated into the event fees, with the actual amount determined by the size and nature of the event.

Further parks use information is available in the parks use regulations and from the City Clerk's Office. For more information on reserving parks and facilities and liquor permits, contact the City Clerk’s office at (970) 240-1422 or visit the link shown below.

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