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Posted on: April 1, 2012

General Municipal Election Results

The 2014 General Municipal Election results have become official now that the abstract of votes has been completed. The official results include votes from 14 provisional ballots that were not included in the unofficial results. The final numbers are as follows:

City Council District I
David Romero (Unopposed) - 3284

City Council District II
Rex Swanson (Unopposed) - 3232

City Council - At Large
Judy Ann Files (Unopposed) - 3597

Measure "A" (Broadband Initiative)
Yes - 3982
No - 1397

Measure "B" (Recreation Center Initiative)
For - 2984
Against - 2736

Referred Measure "Charter of the City of Montrose, Colorado"
For - 3975
Against - 1421

The District I and II seats are for four-year terms and the At Large seat is for a two-year term. The successful candidates will be sworn in at the April 15, 2014, City Council meeting and a new mayor will be selected by vote of the council as provided by the City Charter.

A notice of the official election results is published in the Montrose Daily Press after the abstract of votes is completed.

Additional election information can be viewed using the link shown below.

2014 Election Information