Our on-demand and live City Council meeting video streaming services are temporarily unavailable while our website provider, CivicPlus, works to resolve technical problems with its video streaming service.  The outage impacts all of their latest platform "Aurora" level sites, which the city and its Montrose Portal ( partners migrated to just a few months ago. CivicPlus hosts over 1,700 government websites throughout the US and Canada.

The malfunction results from a "database programming update" that occurred on June 30. At the time that the City of Montrose contacted CivicPlus technical support (July 1 at 1:58 p.m.) the anticipated fix date was July 26, which has since been revised to July 12. 

Videos served off of (also an Aurora site) DO NOT use the CivicPlus Video Center module and are still operable. Likewise, Montrose County commissioner meetings DO NOT use the CivicPlus Video Center module. Their videos are served via a third-party service.
While awaiting a solution, videos for recent meetings can be found at the following links:
City Council Meeting June 16, 2014
City Council Meeting July 1, 2014
Special City Council Meeting July 8, 2014

Please be advised that video files can be very large, depending on the length of the meeting, and may take several minutes to download. Recordings on DVD can be requested from the City Clerk. Additionally, videos for the June 16 and July 8 meetings will be available for viewing on local cable Channel 10 until July 13.