Tourism Retail Advisory Committee

Upon creation of the OBT, the undertaking of the RSE and TP programs was guided by two levels of accountability and oversight.  The ReSET Project Team (comprised of city officials) was created to help with the transition following the adoption of the RSE and TP programs and served as the internal advisory committee to ensure transparent accountability and oversight in the management of both programs.  The acronym, ReSET, represented the initialization of both programs as well as simultaneously expressing the new direction proposed by the Office of Business and Tourism. The RSE and TP Advisory Committees were established in June 2013 and completed the second oversight level. Whereas the ReSET Team was comprised of city officials, the advisory committees included community and business members that fit the following criteria:
  • The individual has the support of a fair number of his/her business or tourism sector colleagues and is a reasonable and balanced representative of his/her business or tourism sector 
  • The individual helps complete a representative void in the makeup of the committee
  • The individual agrees to serve on the advisory committee in a volunteer capacity
The ReSET Team was thanked for its contribution and disbanded in October 2013 when it was determined that sufficient programmatic groundwork was in place.  The two advisory committees continued to meet monthly and a plan was put in place to bring them together quarterly in the form of a joint meeting.  Joint meetings took place in November 2013 and January 2014 and proved to be successful and were characterized by strong attendance by committee members, rich information flow and robust discussion. 
Tourism Retail Advisory Committee
In March 2014, a suggestion was made to permanently combine the two advisory committees. E-mails were sent to members and after determining that there was unanimous support for the idea, members from both groups met on April 15, 2014, and formed the Tourism Retail Advisory Committee (TRAC). The joint body does not imply that funds will be co-mingled; funds will continue to be administered separately and the group will review both fund budgets monthly.

Meeting Notes and Materials
April 2014
May 2014
June 2014
July 2014
August 2014 - no meeting
September 2014 
October 2014
November 2014 - no meeting

 December 2014
Objectives, Expectations, Roles and Responsibilities
TRAC members represent a dedicated group of business owners from the City’s retail and tourism segments that come together to:
  • Provide ideas on how to enhance and increase retail sales and tourism activity
  • Guide OBT by overseeing actions and general departmental direction
  • Help formulate how fund budgets will look and what programmatic areas ought to receive more focus by way of the Budget Subcommittee
  • Review applications for special event assistance and recommend or deny assistance by way of the Special Event Subcommittee
  • Ensure that funds are expended responsibly and in the manner for which they were intended
  • Act as ambassadors and points of contact by explaining OBT activities to the public and conveying public comments to the group
Maid in the Shade Visits Montrose
Maid in the Shade
TRAC members supported the June 2014 arrival of Maid in the Shade to Montrose.  This WWII era medium range bomber made famous by the Doolittle Raiders on April 18, 1942 was one of sixteen B‐25s that took off the deck of the USS Hornet and bombed Tokyo just four months after Pearl Harbor creating a massive morale boost that helped the U.S. set the stage for the victories to come.
TRAC Members  
  • Brandon Hert, General Manager, Days Inn
  • CJ Brafford, Executive Director, Ute Museum
  • Debbie Blanchard, Proprietor, D’Medici Footwear
  • Edd Franz, Outdoor Recreation Planner, Bureau of Land Management
  • Fletcher Flower, Proprietor, Flower Motors
  • Greg Fishering, Proprietor, High Mesa Communications
  • Jim Anderson, Citizen-at-Large
  • Judy Ann Files, City of Montrose Council Member
  • Kathy Ellis, City of Montrose Council Member
  • Ken Watson, General Manager, Black Canyon Jet Center
  • Matt Makowski, General Manager, Gold’s Gym
  • Paul Derence, Proprietor, Hot Water Productions
  • Paul Zaenger, Supervisory Park Ranger and Interpretive Specialist, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park
  • Rick Warner, Proprietor, Cedar Creek RV Park
  • Scott Beyer, Proprietor, Scott’s Printing & Design Solutions
  • Scott Voorhis, Proprietor, Heidi’s Deli
  • Sinny Richardson, Proprietor, RnR Sports Bar
  • Steve White, Planning & Development Director, Montrose County
  • Vince Fandel, Small Business Resource Director, Region 10