Event Support

Events Help Promote Community
Special events are an important foundation of all communities. They serve to build a sense of community, reveal and enhance the local character, and create and develop a “sense of place” by highlighting what’s unique and special about the area—all while fostering a sense of attachment and belonging. Besides: they are just plain fun!
Scope of Work
The dual mission of the OBT is to increase tourism traffic while boosting retail sales. Whether you’re planning a simple event like a public potluck or book club or a larger-scale effort like a mass festival, the OBT wants all events to be successful. We encourage all event planners to coordinate with us so we can help support your event. Follow the link that best suits your event's needs:
     Support and Additional Resources
     Community Events 
Facilities, Parks, and Permits 
The following are administered by the
City Clerk:
Pavilion Events Center
     Park Shelter Reservation
     Lion's Community Building
     Event Use Permit
         Street closures
         Events at other city venues
      Special Event Liquor Permit



        Publicize Your Event!
              Calendar and Digital Kiosks
                  Submit Your Event & Adverts
                  View Event Calendar 
                  List Your Event on Channel 191


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