Montrose Bucks Program

Montrose BucksAbout the Program

Montrose Bucks can be described as Montrose currency because they can only be 
redeemed by Montrose merchants.  They help keep retail dollars circulating in our community, which supports local businesses

Montrose Bucks are accepted like cash by most Montrose businesses and can be purchased throughout the year by individuals, businesses and organizations.  They make fantastic gifts and are great to use for reward and incentive programs - all while supporting the local economy.   

On the shopper side, to redeem Bucks, present them like cash. On the merchant side, Bucks are redeemed or processed like a check.

How to Obtain Montrose Bucks  

Montrose Bucks are available in increments as low as $5 at the Visitor Center (107 South Cascade Avenue) during normal business hours. To purchase, please complete a simple request form bring it with your payment to the Visitor Center.   
Bucks are not redeemable for cash and expire six (6) months after date of issue.  

Montrose Bucks are currently not accepted by these businesses:
  • Alpine Awards
  • Kilbane‚Äôs Cleaners
  • Papa Murphy's Pizza
  • Radio Shack
  • Subway Sandwiches
  • The Dollar Tree

 Special Promotions/Offers

  • Special promotional discounts are held several times each year to increase participation in the program
  • Limits may be applied to the amount of Montrose Bucks that can be obtained at a discount
  • Montrose Bucks may have an expiration date
  • Promotional Bucks are provided on a first come, first served basis
  • Cash payment may be required and pre-sales or over the phone purchases are not allowed